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p-ISSN (Print Version): 2724 - 699X

e-ISSN (Electronic Version):  2724-7007

Special Issue : June 2022

Effect of reduced tillage under various mulch types on soil fertility and yield of an organic pepper crop
Authors: Khaoula Abrougui, Yassine Hamdane, Roua Amami, Sabrine Hattab, Chiheb Khemis, Youssef Amor, Sayed Chehaibi & Neji Tarchoun


The effects of mulching on soil characteristics and plant development for pepper crops conducted in organic farming were studied in the Sahel coast of Tunisia. The types of mulching used for tests are straw mulching, compost mulching, and plastic mulching which were compared with bare soil without mulching (control). The soil characteristics under these different mulching systems were evaluated by soil physical and biological parameters such as penetration resistance at 0-60 cm layer, microbial biomass, organic matter, and water content at 0-20 cm layer. Measurements were performed every week for 50 days. The obtained results showed that compost mulching led to a better growth rate and improved the structural and water state of cultivated soil by decreasing its resistance to penetration and increasing its organic matter content. It can be concluded that the "Beldi" organic pepper crop under conservation tillage and compost mulching has presented the best combination thus leading to motivating results such as the positive effects of soil physical properties and microbial biomass on the final crop yield.

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