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p-ISSN (Print Version): 2724 - 699X

e-ISSN (Electronic Version):  2724-7007

Special Issue : June 2022

Mitigation of the impact of water deficit on a pea crop by the combination of organic amendments and localized irrigation systems [In French]

Authors: Boutheina Douh, Amel Mguidiche, Fatma Ben Saleh & Bassem Mouelhi


This research aimed to compare the effect of two irrigation systems combined to soil organic amendment on the hydrodynamic and chemical parameters of the soil and on the productivity of a pea crop “Pisum sativum L.” subjected to water stress conditions. The results showed that the porous ramps allowed a better stability of the water stock with an amplitude of 30 mm against 50.7 mm for the drip system and a more high root development with a difference of about 2,5 cm compared with the drip system. Yield was not significantly affected crop yield and we recorded a difference of 3.43% in favor of porous ramps. In contrast, root nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation were dependent on the irrigation system, and we found higher total nitrogen content for porous ramp-irrigated soil that reached 1.4 g/kg. The organic amendments increased the soil moisture content to 24 and 25% for peat and biochar respectively compared with the witness. The vegetative growth of the plant has also been improved.

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